Observu is a Site and Server monitoring solution. On this blog we write about the development, status, features, tips and tricks related to Observu.

Who’s Blogging?

Michiel : A 32 year old entrepreneur and developer. I am co-founder of MovingLabs. My main activities besides coming up with ideas are: PHP programming and Design. I am currently the lead developer on Observu. Working on Observu has expanded my knowledge to server management and deployment in the cloud. More about me on my personal blog.

Guest blogging
We accept guest posts that are relevant to our audience. We are mainly looking for quality content related to:

  • Application monitoring
  • Performance optimisation
  • Development practices
  • Customer support

The post can include a short section about the author including a link back to your site/product. If you are interested in posting on this blog, please contact us as info@observu.com.