Development Update – 2

It’s been a month since our last update, in that time we’ve added three critical features:

  • multi-location monitoring: check availability and performance from multiple locations
  • a ping monitor, to ping your servers from multiple locations
  • (international) SMS and Phone notifications: nothing grabs your attention as our service calling you when a server is unavailable for some time

Furthermore, we’ve worked a lot on our internals: creating hourly and daily reporting data from the raw measurements. Work continues on our server collection agent and we are reading up quickly on mobile development as we don’t think we can do without a mobile client. Other than that, we are aiming at creating amazing report pages for both current and historic data.

For those of you more interested in the development side of things: We’ve moved the development server over to EC2, which will be it’s home as well as soon as we go live.  The micro instances work great as development servers. They are actually a lot quicker than the name implies.  Furthermore we’ve added Redis as part of our stack to store and update current system state efficiently.

For our code we are planning to move from Subversion to git (github) to keep our code. Not only because everyone seems to be making that move, but also to rely less on a single server to hold our most precious assets and the excellent features github offers.

After two months of usage we are very happy with Pivotal Tracker to hold our features, bugs and chores. Having everything ordered is a great advantage in focusing on what needs to happen next. (Full review coming up)

If all of this makes you curious, please sign up for our mailinglist to make sure you will get access as soon as possible.

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